Anyone who thinks that this magnificent country should not be explored just because it is not among the favorite destinations of Brazilians is wrong.

Far beyond being the birthplace of the famous singer Shakira, in Colombia you can visit lost cities, the Andes mountain range, among other fantastic places.

Want to find out why you are considering Colombia tourism for your next sightseeing trip? Keep reading this text.


Central Cemetery

4.Tombs in El Cementerio Central De Bogota Colombia

As strange as it may seem, one of the most interesting places to see the history of a country is the cemetery.

There you can see hundreds of mausoleums that were designed to become works of art. Something more or less like what can be seen in the famous Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires .

In this place it is common to find hordes of tourists visiting Colombia’s national heroes , as well as poets and former presidents. Its inauguration was in 1936. As such, there is a lot of history stored there.


  • Where : Carrera 20, 3780;
  • When to go : every day, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm;
  • How much does it cost : free.
  • Currency:  Colombian Peso.

Central Cemetery

After visiting this important – and sometimes overlooked – tourist spot, you can take advantage of its location to find well-visited places.

One of them is the Planetarium of Bogota . This is a building that houses the Teatro das Estrelas and the Space Museum . The best part is that in 2011 the place underwent a major renovation, so everything is ready to receive the many tourists who visit the capital every year.

5.Bogota Idartes Planetarium

There are many other places in Colombia that are worth a look and see if there is something that interests you: it has an art gallery, theatre, several casinos and even historic universities. It’s a really cultural tour.

Jaime Duque Park

8.Jaime Duque Park

Did you know that just 30 minutes by car from Bogotá there is a huge park? And did you know that it has a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal ? Impressive, isn’t it?

Taj Mahal Bogota

This is one of the secrets of Colombia, which in addition to the Taj Mahal in the Colombian capital, also has 7 other buildings from the Ancient World, such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Red Square in Moscow and the Pyramids of Egypt.

Certainly, you cannot miss this amazing place. There are several attractions such as the Wakatá Biopark, the Caribbean port and the Games Square.

Are there still any doubts that this place is pure fun? And the best part is that the place carries a lot of social responsibility with the Jaime Duque Foundation.


  • Where : 55C Briceno Tocancipá CO-CUN;
  • When to go : Open Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm;
  • How much does it cost : admission costs from COP$ 32 thousand to 42 thousand (from R$ 38.00 – R$ 50.00).
  • Currency:  Colombian Peso.

Lost City of Colombia

Now let’s get out of the capital a little bit and get into the Colombian mysteries that travellers prefer! One of them is precisely the trail to the Lost City.

This city is nothing more than the ruins of the centre of the Tayrona indigenous civilization, who lived in the forest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Tourism In Colombia Lost City 1024x640

Don’t think that getting there is an easy task. There are 45 km of walk in the forest, 1,300 meters of altitude and 1,200 steps. If you like ecotourism, this has already stimulated you.

Imagine entering an environment far from civilization and crossing rivers of mud, there is nothing more immersive! All this to glimpse the remnants of a civilization that lived there in the 800’s and was simply subjugated by the Spanish colonists.

Another curiosity about the place is that the city was lost , taken by the forest and was only rediscovered in the 1970s by grave robbers. Without a doubt, this is a visit in Colombia that is worth the effort.


  • Where: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta;
  • When to go : just choose the best date for you;
  • How much does it cost : the entire journey costs around R$1,120.
  • Currency:  Colombian Peso.

Rosario Archipelago

The Colombian coast is known for Playa Branca, which is always full of tourists. A calmer and equally stunning alternative is the Rosario Archipelago.

Cartagena Rosario Islands Tourism In Colombia
Rosario Archipelago

Just hearing the word Caribbean makes many people excited. It’s exactly what you would imagine: a national park full of islands and crystal clear water!

To enjoy this and other incredible landscapes you only need to reach the city of Cartagena de Indias, the fifth largest city in the country, which offers an incredible contrast, after all it is an urban center right next to a natural wonder.

You can also enjoy the All Inclusive Resorts, which are part of the travel dream of many tourists. There are also hotels for backpackers, so anyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Colombia!

As for cuisine, enjoy all the best seafood, the fresher the better!


  • Where : Cartagena de Indias;
  • When to go : summer is the best time to enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean;
  • How much it costs : it depends a lot on the activities you will be doing, but if you are controlling your expenses more, you can get through the day with around R$ 120.
  • Currency:  Colombian Peso.

Since you’re in Cartagena, why not leave the beach and get to know a little more about this stunning place?

Still a little far from the capital, you can visit Ciudad Amurallada, which is basically a city ​​protected by a fortress . It was used to protect against pirate attacks, but today it is an entertainment center with bars and restaurants.

Ciudad Amurallada Tourism In Colombia

It also has a Museo de Oro, which is almost the rule in Colombia. The museum has a huge collection of gold and ceramic pieces from the Sinú people, who occupied the north of the country before the Spanish conquered the site.