The capital of Alagoas has a 40 km coastline. Its turquoise and emerald green waters are reminiscent of Caribbean paradises.

In addition to Maceió , the beauty extends to the North and South coasts, which bring together destinations as beautiful as the capital and worth visiting.

In addition to the beaches, gastronomy is also very successful in Maceió . The variety ranges from typical dishes, such as Sururu de Capote, to sophisticated Peruvian cuisine. After all, Maceió has one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Brazil, Wanchaco.

Furthermore, the night in the capital of Alagoas is also full of options. You can enjoy lively clubs or bars with typical music and dance, for example.


Things to do in Maceió: beaches and natural pools

Maceió is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Lagoa Mundaú. In addition, the capital of Alagoas has several natural pools formed by its numerous coral reefs.

The natural pools most sought after by visitors are at Praia de Pajuçara and in the municipality of Maragogi, 130 km north of Maceió . Therefore, one of the mandatory attractions in Alagoas are the raft trips to the natural pools, a few kilometers out to sea.

The tours run only during low tide. But it’s worth waking up early to go in the early hours of the morning! By the way, the cost-benefit is also great: around R$30 per person.

In addition to Pajuçara, the capital of Alagoas also has the beaches of Ponta Verde and Jatiúca. The three, by the way, share the six kilometers of Maceió’s seafront with sidewalks, bars and restaurants.

But for those who like something more agitated, the destination is Praia do Gunga. Located on the southern coast of the state, 40 km from Maceió , Praia do Gunga is surrounded by lively bars. There, you will find the best quad bike ride in the country. The average price of R$90 per vehicle, regardless of the number of people!

But for those who prefer a quieter option , São Miguel dos Milagres Beach , 106 km north of Maceió, is perfect to escape stress and relax. If you look in advance, you can find accommodation for R$ 125 a day.

To make the most of all the region’s beauties, it’s good to pay attention to the time of year when you travel.

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Maceió is between the months of September and March, which is when the weather is firmer and temperatures vary between 20°C and 32°C.


History and crafts in Maceio

For those who love history, the Historic Center of Maceió is a must stop.

The region offers a rich architecture, formed by centuries-old churches and mansions from the colonial period. In addition, former sugarcane warehouses transformed into bars, restaurants and cultural centers are a real trip back in time!

And to buy that souvenir, the best addresses are the fairs at Praia de Pajuçara and the Mercado do Artesanato.

There, you will find several shops with options for all types of gifts. They sell from handicrafts, such as ceramics and bobbin lace, to regional delicacies, such as cashew nuts and typical peppers.

Maceio Historical Center

Gastronomy in Maceio

In Maceió, there are plenty of options for those who want to try good typical food.

One of the most renowned restaurants in this regard is Bodega do Sertão. With a rustic style, the kitchen works only with northeastern ingredients and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At Bodega do Sertão, you can find everything from seafood dishes to local cuisine. Be sure to try the Baião do Mar, which is the famous reinvented Northeastern Baião de Dois, where shrimp and octopus are the main characters. As a matter of fact, another tip is to enjoy a broth of sururu and a good fish stew. Both are mouth-watering.

But if you prefer a more sophisticated cuisine, the Peruvian restaurant Wanchaco , from the Bert family, is among the best Peruvian cuisines in Brazil. 

broth sururu

Maceio’s night

Nightlife in Maceió is quite eclectic and full of good options!

One of the hottest places is Boteco Lugar None, which has a menu filled with typical bar food and craft beer options. You can enjoy it all with jazz or even choro, depending on the day.

But if you really like dancing,  Orákulo Chopperia is the perfect option. The program is varied: from forró to tribute to Raul Seixas, pleasing all tastes.

Another popular option is the Maikai Show House, with electronic music that goes on until morning.

Finally, in the capital of Alagoas, there is also the Pink Elephant franchise, with a more sophisticated style, and that, depending on the day, you can even find a good old northeastern forró