You will have one of the best experiences traveling to Mexico, because in addition to its natural beauty, the country’s structure to receive visitors from all over the world is impeccable. There are many tourist attraction in mexico and here you are reading discover 6 best tourist attraction in mexio


Sights in Mexico: Xcaret Archaeological Park

With its most diverse tourist attractions, the city of Cancun is largely responsible for the exorbitant amount of tourists that Mexico receives year after year. One of the most visited places by travelers is the Xcaret Archaeological Park.

Mexico Sights

The park has a strong structure to receive thousands of people every year and its attractions appeal to the most different profiles and ages.

In Xcaret Archaeological Park, you can enjoy various water activities , observe marine animals and walk through incredible green areas. Furthermore, the cuisine there is unforgettable.

One of the most popular attractions for visitors to the park is swimming in the underground river . This is a fantastic experience and quite unique for those who haven’t tried it yet.

For those who are not a fan of nature-related activities, the park also has shows, dance performances and other cultural presentations.

As the park is very large, it is customary to reserve a full day of the itinerary to enjoy all the attractions that the park offers.

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Teotihuacan Ruins

The history of Teotihuacán began as a religious center, but over time, it began to house a population that gradually reached 125,000 inhabitants.

Mexico Sights Ruins

Thus, it became the largest city in pre-Columbian America and the sixth largest in the world. Its existence took place in the period between 100 BC and 550 AD

A visit to this archaeological site is impressive due to its gigantic pyramids : the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

The Pyramid of the Sun can be climbed to the top , from where the tourist can have a very privileged view of the city’s ruins. The Pyramid of the Moon can only be climbed up to the first platform, which still provides the traveler with an indescribable landscape.

The ruins of Teotihuacan are located 50 km from Mexico City and, due to its easy location, this is considered one of the must-see attractions in Mexico for any tourist.

A period of the day should be enough for those who decide to visit the ruins. The recommendation is to hire a specialized guide who can help with the tour.

Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City

Plaza de La Constitución, popularly known as El Zócalo, is the main square in Mexico City and is located in the historic center of the city .

La Plaza Mexico Sights

Its history began when the Spanish conquerors decided to build the square on the place where the political and economic center of the city of Tenochtitlán, a city that sheltered the Aztec people and was dominated by the Spaniards, once stood.

In the same region, it is possible to visit attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of La Asunción de María , the National Palace , the Palace of Fine Arts, the Torre Latinoamericana, among others.

So, this is one of the tourist spots in Mexico that you cannot miss on your itinerary, especially if you are a great lover of art, culture and gastronomy.

Cape San Lucas Arch

The Arco, also known as El Arco, is located in the city of Cabo San Lucas. The place where the arc is located is also known as the “end of the world”, as it separates the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean.

El Arco Mexico Landmarks

Because of this name, several legends are part of the history and culture of the region’s population.

The Arch of Cabo de San Lucas is a rock formation with a shapeless shape, which sparks the imagination of tourists who visit the place. It is common for tourists to associate the rock formation with animals or a gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

Watching the sunset in Cabo de San Lucas can be one of the most unforgettable images in the life of those who venture there.

Due to the water level, the Arch can only be visited by boat , but curiously, every four years at low tide, it is possible to reach it on foot.

Without a doubt, it is one of the tourist attractions in Mexico that cannot go unnoticed.


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Sights in Mexico: Palace of Fine Arts

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is a tourist spot in Mexico that impresses for its architectural exuberance . The palace is located in Mexico City and was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Fine Arts Mexico's Landmarks

Its admirable facade and garden give access to stairs and corridors of unique beauty. Today, the Palacio de Bellas Artes houses Mexico’s first art museum, founded in 1934.

On a visit to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, you can admire original panels by Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rufino Tamayo, Jorge González Camarena, Manuel Rodríguez Lozano and Roberto Montenegro.


On the top floor of the building there is a very enlightening and curious exhibition about the entire architecture and history of the palace.

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In Tulum it is possible to see beautiful landscapes , especially the view from the top of the city tower. This was the last city to be built by the Mayans and is recognized for being protected by several walls.

Tulum Sights of Mexico 1024x574

As it is one of the main tourist attractions in Mexico, it is common to reserve an entire day of the tour to enjoy this place full of history and natural beauty.

The beaches of fine white sand are ideal for a beautiful walk, mainly bathed in clear waters .

Another item highly praised by tourists is the local gastronomy, which is one more point of charm of this fantastic destination .

For those who fell in love with the region, it is also possible to stay in Tulum and thus have more time to see other attractions.

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