Discover the Ruins of the Roman Forum

This is one of the most important attractions in Rome. Its marble fragments, arches and other ruins of architectural elements date from around 500 BC This is a powerful symbol of Roman politics, responsible for the advances of humanity that we have discussed until today!

Roman Forum Rome Sights

Due to the various expansions carried out by the Roman emperors, it is possible to see many other achievements in the same space.

To name a few, you can visit Trajan’s Column, which was built to commemorate Emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian Wars.

The Arco di Tito is a triumphal work and was composed to celebrate the military victories of the then late Emperor Tito, in particular, the capture of Jerusalem in the first Roman-Jewish war.

Rome Arch Of Titus Sights Of Rome 768x1024

And even in this same area, it is possible to go to the Basilica of Santa Maria, which keeps relics from medieval times, such as the skull of São Valetim, considered the patron saint of lovers, or even put your hand on the Mouth of Truth. The stories say that the stone bit the hands of liars.

St. Mary's Basilica Sights Of Rome

Visit the Pantheon

Another tourist spot that catches the attention of tourists from all over the world is the Pantheon, the temple of all gods. Today the Pantheon can be considered a mausoleum and there are buried the remains of important figures in Italian history, such as the painter Raphael.

Pantheon Sights Of Rome

Even the Coliseum is not as preserved as the Pantheon, which was considered the only architecturally perfect building in the world. This is quite a title to carry!

Stop at Piazza Navona

The most famous square in all of Rome was not always a piazza (as the locals would call it). It earned that title when the city market was moved from the Capitol there. Currently, the market is not located in this square, but there are several attractions there.

Navona Square

You will find several restaurants, ice cream parlours, shops to buy souvenirs for the whole family and even the Museo di Roma, located in the Braschi Palace.

go to the Vatican

In Rome you can visit another amazing country, you know? Well, you probably already know, but otherwise the Vatican is the center of the Catholic faith and it is also a city-state, that is, an independent city.

Tour the Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, as the most important places in this country, are found there. Do not miss this opportunity. And of course, visit Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel too!

St. Peter's Square Rome

Discover the Trevi Fountain and return to Rome with a coin

Perhaps you are wondering how this fountain will get you back to Rome. Legend has it that anyone who throws a coin into the waters of this fountain will be bought in to return to the capital of Italy. Really? Just doing it to find out.

Fontana Di Trevi Rome Sights

Furthermore, the fountain is breathtaking when we observe Neptune (or Poseidon, for those who prefer the Greek version) surrounded by newts. We recommend that you take this tour early in the morning or at night, when there are fewer tourists.

Buy gifts and try the cuisine in the Historic Center

Did you get hungry or are you looking for souvenirs to bring back to Brazil? The Historic Center is your destination. You will feel at the times of the reign with the architecture of this space (and all of Rome!).

Historic Center Rome Touristic Prompts

When exploring the streets of the center, be prepared to find squares, churches, countless Baroque artworks and various shops.

The best thing is that when you get hungry, you can enjoy the many restaurants and cafes. We recommend that you eat the most pâtisseries , it will be what you will miss the most when you come back from your trip.

Be sure to visit the Coliseum

Do you know what is so special about this building?

The Coliseum was inaugurated in 80 AD and there were numerous competitions there, ranging from gladiators exchanging sword blows to fights between animals for 100 days. And all this in front of approximately 50,000 Romans.

Rome Colosseum

It’s amazing to think that this place was built just out of concrete and sand, without any of the technologies we see today as cranes.

The best way to take advantage of this location is to buy tickets in advance. On this occasion, buy the ticket that allows you to visit the Roman Forum and also the Palatine Hill .

Mount Palatine has been home to many important figures in the Roman aristocracy since periods before Christ. Since the Emperor Augustus, several emperors have made their residences on this hill, being even a symbol for the insertion of Christianity in the world, with the first official place for the worship of this religion.

Visit the Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus is another one of Rome’s must-see sights. In the past, the place functioned as a Roman circus dedicated to chariot racing, which is now well known for its cinema.

Circus Maximo Rome

What remains of the Circus Maximus are ruins full of history. Part of these ruins are the Torre della Moletta , which is open for visitation. You will better enjoy your visit in the presence of a tour guide who will be able to provide you with more information and interesting facts about the history of the place.

Discover the Castle of Santo Angelo

It is a mausoleum built in 125 AD for Emperor Hadrian. The castle also houses the remains of other emperors and their families, such as Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Sétimo Severus and Antoninus Pius.

Castel Sant'Angelo Rome

The building was also a fortress for popes , a prison and a military support base during major battles of the First World War.

Currently, it is where there is a museum full of history from all periods of astelo . Due to the infinity of uses of this place, it is interesting to hire a guide to clarify possible doubts or curiosities.

This way, you can enjoy the tour without wasting time, as the list of Rome’s main sights is not small!